Note that the 1:100 models will not be available until end of October 2019!

Aerosmurf is our 5th Belgian icon and is dedicated to the little blue Belgian comic book heroes, the Smurfs, who have delighted generations all over the world. The world of cartoonist Peyo has been conquering the hearts of both children and adults for 60 years. That is why our Airbus A320 with registration number OO-SND will take the Smurfs to new heights.

But there's more! These blue characters not only show off on the outside of this unique aircraft, the inside is also decorated. Follow the footprints of the Smurfs on the carpet to your chair and enjoy the Smurfs music and movie. Aerosmurf is also the first aircraft in our Brussels Airlines fleet with a design on its belly - Gargamel and Azrael slip on board!

This inspiring design by the Smurfs was the winner of a competition in August 2017, with more than 1,400 entries. The final winning Smurf design came from Marta Mascellani and was chosen by the public. It will be painted like this until 2023.


What does Aerosmurf stand for?
The name of the plane is the title of a Smurfs comic album that tells the story of a small smurf whose dream it is to fly. This little Smurf tried different ideas: he put feathers on his back, locked himself in a bubble, was catapulted into the air, ... But none of these ideas worked. Until he built an airplane! And since then he is known as Aerosmurf!

Who has designed our 5th Belgian icon, the Aerosmurf?
Marta Mascellani won our "Design our next Belgian Icon" competition in 2017. Now that the Smurfs celebrate their 60-year jubilee in 2018, she had the idea to equip a plane with a smurf-theme. Her idea was converted and refined by our own marketing team to an astonishing design.


The scale models are available in sizes 1:200 (snapfit) and 1:100 (snapfit & deluxe edition).

Please note: the 'monobloc' 1:100 version has been renamed the 'deluxe edition' as it doesn't match all requirements to be called a real monobloc! It is not made of Polyurethane (PU) and does not consist of 1 single piece, but is actually a snapfit which has been glued together, offered in a deluxe box with a limited edition certificate.

The Rackham monobloc is the only real monobloc offered by Brussels Airlines, as it is produced by a different supplier.

Also check out the other 4 Belgian Icons - Amare, Magritte, Rackham and Trident 

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