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Amare, an ode to Tomorrowland, was welcomed on 23 February 2017 as the fourth Airbus A320 in the Brussels Airlines "Belgian Icons" series. 
Since 2012, Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland have been bringing people together from around the world to Belgium. And that is exactly what Amare will continue to do. It is now on a mission to unite “the People of Tomorrow”, so as to gather fine memories and create lasting friendships. OO-SNF will bear the livery until 2022.

We are one world. Like Tomorrowland, Amare means: Live Today. Love Tomorrow. Unite Forever.

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  • Scale: 1/200 & 1/100 in snapfit and monobloc
  • Registration: OO-SNF
  • Name: Amare
  • Belgian Icon: Tomorrowland


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