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The service trolley has not only been a fixed asset in planes all over the world for decades, it has also gained access to our homes and work places as a timeless design object for a wide variety of uses. It can easily be used as a dining room wine rack, to store drinks in your living or meeting room or as an extra counter and store space in the kitchen.

This faithful replica of an airline meal trolley has it all… The exterior design, foot brakes (green to “go”, red to lock), door opening latch – they are all based on the real thing, with the advantage that this trolley is a lot easier to move around.

The trolleys are handcrafted in the workshop in Cologne (Germany) according to the high demands the aviation industry has on manufacturing, ensuring their solid and functional character. Made from anodized aluminum and black or white powder coated stainless steel, they offer an extremely high impact and scratch resistance as well as a brilliant sheen. The coating inside guarantees your drinks will stay cool or hot for a couple of hours.

Customers include not only design enthusiasts but also big companies who use these functional trolleys at trade fairs for promotional and marketing purposes, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Dimensions: 30cm x 40,5cm x 103cm
  • Weight: approx. 16.5kg
  • Expected delivery time: 7 days


Note: contact us via info@flyinsite.com if you want to customize this trolley with your logo, artistic exterior, various types of drawers and shelves, built-in LED lighting, chopping board, table soccer etc. Any idea is welcome!

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