With an Xtorm Power Bank you can easily charge your mobile device anytime you like. With it you can charge devices like your smartphone, tablet, MP3-player or others while you’re on the go.

The Power Bank Xtreme 10.000 is a mobile charger with a battery capacity of 10.000mAh. It has sufficient energy to provide to charge a tablet or to fully recharge a smartphone up to 5 times.

The power bank comes is a silicone housing that is water- and dust-proof to IP66 classification. This makes it excellent to use in harsh, outdoor environments, where endurance and sturdiness is key.

With an input of 2A and output of 2.1A, this Power Bank rapidly charges any mobile device and is recharged in under 5 hours.

With a simple touch of the button, the LED indicators will tell you the battery status, so you can see how much power is stored in the wink of an eye. Another touch easily starts or stops the charging of your device. The Power Bank itself can be recharged via either USB or AC power.

The Xtorm Xtreme 10.000 is ideal on holidays, in the big outdoors, at extreme sports or for daily use. With this manageable mobile charger you’re always equipped with a back-up battery whenever and wherever you need it.



High efficiency
This Xtorm Power Bank Xtreme is highly efficient and ensures the least possible loss of energy during the charging process.

Auto Power Management
Xtorm Power Banks are provided with the APM-chip. The Power Bank automatically balances the correct charging speed and efficiently divides the power between the attached devices.

Fast Charging
The Power Bank Xtreme has a high input and high outputs. These features make it possible to charge the connected device as fast as possible and recharge the Power Bank itself on high speed.


Safety Check:

A-class batteries
Xtorm uses only the best battery cells that meet all safety requirements and can provide the fast charging you need

Overload protection
Xtorm mobile chargers protect the Xtorm’s internal battery and the battery of the attached mobile device from overcharging. 

Temperature control
All Xtorm chargers are provided with a temperature control chip that prevents overheating.

Auto Power Management
The Xtorm APM-chip automatically balances the power over the attached devices to prevent overcharging or overheating.

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